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Wisconsin. The dairy state. Not exactly an area of the United States known for production any music worth listening to. A land filled with cows, lakes, and cheese factories, right? Wrong. Take that thought out of your head, force it into a dark corner of the garage, and put a bullet into in its brain with a .50 cal Desert Eagle.


Never before have the rolling hills of Wisconsin echoed with such pummeling, post-apocalyptic music as they do now. At first skeptical that such music existed in the state, hundreds of fans now flock to local concerts where the band performs to experience the incredible live QUAZAR set. Set against a backdrop of visual light candy and strobe effects, the band unleashes its patented mix of percussive-based, hardcore nuclear war upon the writhing masses. Throughout their performance, QUAZAR does nothing less than expend every ounce of strength and energy coaxing the crowd into an adrenaline-crazed rush of action and emotion. At the very soul of this achievement is the sheer experience, ability, and will power of its members - Chuck (vocals), Colin (bass/percussion), Guanzon (guitar/percussion), and Avery (drums).

Over the course of the next year, expect to be hearing a lot more about QUAZAR. Their first single, "Angie", shot straight up to #2 on MP3.com's Metalcore charts (#17 overall Metal charts), beating out major label acts such as Cannibal Corpse, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Nuclear Rabbit. The second single, "Sawyer", reached #10. In the past year, QUAZAR has played with such major label acts as Chimaira and Marz, national indies Sw1tch, and Farmclub alums Dog Fashion Disco. But this is only a taste of things yet to come. Their calendar is filling up with shows all over the Midwest, the practice schedule becoming absolutely insane, and the groundswell is preparing to burst.

Be sure to catch them as they set off a depth charge at a city near you.